Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal with Q-Switched Lasers

Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal with Q-Switched Lasers

Have a tattoo you want to forget? Luckily, tattoos are no longer as permanent as they once were. Say goodbye to your old ink with laser tattoo removal in Bangalore!

How laser tattoo removal in Bangalore works

The type of laser used in tattoo removal emits pulses of light energy that are strong enough to penetrate the skin.

Another unique technology used in tattoo removal is Q-switching. Q-switched lasers produce powerful pulses of energy that are absorbed by the tattoo ink particles. They heat up as they absorb more energy, and within just a few nanoseconds, they shatter into small fragments.

What’s great about Q-switching is that it is designed to remove tattoo ink, not destroy the skin. This is because skin cells require significantly higher levels of heat before they can get damaged, and as a result, Q-switched lasers can selectively target ink particles.

Note that different colours of tattoo ink require different wavelengths of light to be destroyed. Most laser tattoo removal service providers can only remove black, blue, and green ink, requiring about three to ten treatments every six weeks.

The advantages of laser tattoo removal

  • Non-invasive

Before lasers, tattoo removal was as painful as you can imagine. The only option back then was a surgical procedure involving removing the tattoo with a scalpel and stitching the skin back together.

Thankfully, your options are now minimally invasive and barely hurt the skin. Lasers are less painful than traditional methods, hurting less than getting a tattoo.

  • Faster healing

Because your skin is hardly damaged during the laser tattoo removal process, you can expect it to heal in no time. Depending on your immune system and aftercare, laser treatment will take only about four to eight weeks to heal fully.

In comparison, surgical removal tends to leave scars and may become infected with bacteria.

Do you need laser tattoo removal in Bangalore? Don’t forget to find a qualified tattoo removal specialist to ensure the process goes smoothly and safely.