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Dermatosurgery simply means surgery of the skin which involves office based procedure done under local anaesthesia. Being office based procedure; it is convenient and also less expensive.

It is divided into 3 basic types:

1. Diagnostic (eg: taking a chunk of skin called skin biopsy for evaluation under microscope to verify skin diagnosis) 2. Therapeutic (eg: removal of moles or skin growths) 3. Cosmetic: (eg: dermabrasion or subcision for acne scars) The procedure is done under either topical or local anesthesia so as to make it painless. With the advent of newer gadgets, these procedures can be done in short time with minimal downtime and good cosmetic outcome.

Commonly carried out procedures at our clinic are:
Removal of skin growths, skin tags, milia, moles, cysts, corns. Wart removal or Molluscum extraction (these are viral infections) Keloid and thickened scar treatment. Various procedures for acne scars (subcision, dermaroller, mesotherapy, fillers, lasers like AFFIRM). Similar different procedures for open pores/ skin rejuvenation using chemical peels, dermaroller, lasers Vascular lesions like telangiectasia (dilated blood vessels), rosacea, vascular birth marks by lasers like Cutera. Surgeries like punch grafting for vitiligo/leukoderma. Pigmented conditions like freckles, lentigenes, tattoo are removed with laser like MEDLITE. Cellulite treatment and fat reduction treatment. In near future we will also offer treatments like Melanocyte transplant for vitiligo, Hair transplant/grafting and other facilities in association with Plastic Surgeons The various tools and lasers available with us to carry out dermatosurgery are: Ellman radiofrequency, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy (for hair loss, pigmentations, skin rejuvenation and acne scars/open pores), Dermarollers, Intense pulse light (IPL), Velashape (fat reduction), i-Lipo machine for cellulite and fat reduction , Lasers for hair removal like Alexandrite(Apogee/Cynosure) and NdYAG lasers (Cutera), Lasers for acne scar (Affirm laser), Titan midinfrared light(Xeo/Cutera) for skin tightening, NdYAG laser(Cutera) for vascular lesions, New entry is the Medlite C6 laser for tattoo removal, pigmented birthmarks

Besides aesthetic procedure like Botox and Dermal Fillers are routinely done to smoothen facial wrinkles and tissue augmentation. These procedures are carried out under aseptic conditions. Some surgery may need pre procedure and post procedure care that is discussed during consultation, and also whether there are any contraindications, expected outcome and the number of sessions needed are discussed with patients