GFC Therapy – The Next Generation Therapy For Natural Hair Growth

 Do you often find yourself searching for DIY hacks or credible solutions to achieve healthy hair? For those with thinning hair, fuller hair is a dream, but what if we told you it is achievable? With the GFC treatment, everything is possible!

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) Therapy is a revolutionary therapy that utilizes a person’s growth factors that are found in their body to rejuvenate their hair.

Let’s look at the best GFC Therapy in Bangalore in-depth to understand how ideal it is for your hair growth.

What is GFC Therapy ?

Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy is a highly safe, dedicated hair loss treatment that offers superior natural results. Let’s look at the steps for GFC Therapy:

Step 1: A small amount of blood sample is collected.

Step 2: Enrich the growth cell by performing the centrifugation of the blood sample.

Step 3: Extract the Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC), which is activated with DNA activators.

Step 4: Activated GFC is infused into the area that is suffering from hair loss and hair thinning in order to stimulate hair growth.

Your blood platelets are enriched with various growth factors which help regenerate and repair the tissues and stem cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation. With each growth factor playing a different role in fighting hair loss, the collected GFC is then administered at the site to be treated by Dermasolutions’s expert derma surgeons using precise tools.

Are you the best candidate for Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?

Both men and women who are experiencing hair loss can benefit from GFC therapy.

But, those suffering from hair thinning or loss due to hormones, hereditary conditions, or patients in their early or late stage of Alopecia are the best candidates! So just to be sure, it is essential to get your scalp diagnosed by our expert derma surgeons.

Now that you know how exactly GFC therapy works- take a look at its benefits for your gorgeous & natural hair growth.

Amazing Benefits of GFC Therapy

  • Strengthens the hair grafts and promotes hair growth.
  • Significant increase in hair count and thickness guaranteed.
  • 100% safe and prepared from the patient’s blood.
  • No inflammation risk.
  • Convenience and quality are guaranteed from the procedure.

What are the Post-GFC Treatment instructions you need to follow?

  • Avoid touching or combing your hair or scalp for a day.
  • Prevent sweating caused by exhausting physical work for some days after the procedure has been performed.
  • Do not shampoo hair for 1-2 days, and after that, only apply products suggested by the doctor.
  • Regular application of topical ointments or oral medications intake is required as per our specialist’s advice. 

Regain your Natural & Healthy Hair with the Best GFC Therapy in Bangalore

At Dermasolutions in Bangalore, our professional derma surgeons have provided clinical solutions to many men and women using GFC Hair Therapy. They guarantee you the overall process involves no platelet loss and is non-pyrogenic, secure, and regenerates damaged hair tissues -naturally. So, this advanced GFC therapy can be performed individually or with NFT (Neo Follicle Treatment) treatment for thicker, natural & shinier hair. Note that you can get the best results in only 3-4 sittings.

Schedule the best GFC Therapy for your hair loss in Bangalore with Dermasolutions to regain healthy & natural hair!