Fat Reduction Treatment In Bangalore

Fat Reduction, Body Shaping & Cellulite

Diet and exercise are time-honored ways to reduce unhealthy body fat. Effective as these methods are, they burn body fat in a pattern that depends on age, sex, genetics, and hormones. To lose fat in a specific area, a person must reduce overall body fat first. The technology available at Dermasolutions is the CRYOLIPOLYSIS DEVICE (NON SURGICAL LIPOLYSIS) allows us to remove fat from a specific area of your body. Other treatment devices include the BiPolar Radiofrequency Skin Tightening (REACTION VIORA).

CRYOLIPO freezes the fat in the target area so that approximately 20% of it can be reabsorbed by natural processes. When the procedure is finished you can resume your normal activities immediately. DermaSolutions is equipped with this unique device which has three components. First we do Cavitation process to mobilise the fat in the treated areas, followed by Cryolipolysis where by vacuum we suck and freeze the fat of the treated area and finally do the skin tightening of sagging skin. Guaranteed 1 inch fat loss happens on the treated areas while maintaining the body contour around flanks, thighs etc. It's very effective in treating the Double Chin, sagging flanks, thighs and arms.

REACTION VIORA is a Bipolar Radiofrequency device that tightens your skin, improves the appearance of cellulite, and enhances your overall body contours. Radiofrequency energy works by gently heating your lower skin layers without harming your outer layer. The lower layers are heated because that’s where collagen, the long-stranded protein responsible for skin firmness, is located. For lax and sagging skin, REACTION VIORA tightens the skin as it heats the deeper layers of the skin. Over time, new collagen forms and existing collagen tightens. CRYOLIPO, radiofrequency energy, light, vacuum, and mechanical rollers breaks down tissue fat freezing so the fat can be eliminated naturally by the body. The vacuum pulls up the skin and the rollers knead the area to facilitate the process. The result is a smaller circumference and smoother skin in the treated area.