Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Treatment in Bangalore

Growth Factor Therapy (GFC)

GFC Treatment in Bangalore

Growth Factor Therapy is an innovative therapeutic treatment for different types of hair loss for men and women. In GFC we use the essential growth factors in your own platelet-rich blood cells to stimulate natural hair growth through a process known as “Bio-revitalization”. This process is long used by orthopaedic surgeons to accelerate the recovery of injuries in elite athletes, GFC is now being used as an innovative hair loss solution.

GFC is performed in NFT by specialized practitioners who continually monitor your progress to ensure the best possible results with no side effects. GFC can be used as an individual treatment or coupled with Neo Follicle Transplant (NFT) and Neo Laser Therapy (NLT). It will enable to retain and thicken the weak hair strands and also helps in regrowth of the follicle when they are alive.

Quality Standards

The procedure under NFT will strictly follow a set standard that shall apply to all other procedures in order to guarantee safety, quality, and great results. These standards are followed by the surgeon, consultant and other team members.

How Growth Factor Therapy (GFC) work?

The enriched hair growth cells promotes the bio-stimulation of your scalp, helping to both regrow your hair and thicken existing hair.

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Step 1

A small amount of blood sample is collected

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Step 2

Enrich the growth cell by using the centrifugation of the blood sample.

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Step 3

Extract the Growth Factor Therapy which is activated with DNA activators

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Step 4

Activated GFC is infused into the area which is suffering from hair loss and hair thinning in order to stimulate hair growth.

At Derma Solutions, we offer an innovative technique utilizing the body’s natural capability to stimulate growth. Growth Factor Therapy (GFC) focuses on activating the development parameter in specific types of cells. These activated cells are then permeated into the subject area, resulting in hair growth and thickening.

Our skilled surgeons have provided clinical solutions to many men and women using GFC hair treatment. People who had hair loss or hair thinning attained positive results through this therapeutic method. Doctors have long done therapies by using this procedure to heal athletes. Recently, technology has also made its way into the biotechnical field.

In the GFC method, the person’s blood sample is first collected and subjected to centrifugation in research laboratories. Due to the high velocities, the growth cells, precisely the platelets in one’s blood cells, get enriched in content. The next step is to activate these cells using DNA activators and biotechnical methods. To conclude, the stimulated cell sample gets infused in the area where hair thinning or hair loss is present.

Our experienced doctors strictly adhere to quality standards to follow this GFC hair treatment. If you want more information regarding this solution, please feel free to get in touch with us.