Hair Loss Treatment Clinics In Bangalore

Neo Laser Therapy

NLT is a preventive treatment for people with hair loss and hair thinning. This NLT procedure is approved by the US FDA that uses a cold beam laser technology at a very low frequency which stimulates the weak hair follicles and rejuvenates them to grow healthy hair.

NLT helps to:

  • Reduce the hair loss
  • Thicken the thin and weak hair
  • Re-grow hair in the areas where follicles are still alive
  • Improve the scalp condition
  • Improve the texture of the hair NLT is a completely safe treatment with no side effects and can be used as a solo treatment to retain and preserve the existing hair.

NLT can also be utilised as a combination with Growth Factor Therapy (GFT) and Neo Follicle transplant (NFT) for better results.