Best Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Neo Laser Therapy

PRP hair Loss treatment in Bangalore

NLT is a preventive treatment for people with hair loss and hair thinning. This NLT procedure is approved by the US FDA that uses a cold beam laser technology at a very low frequency which stimulates the weak hair follicles and rejuvenates them to grow healthy hair.

NLT helps to:

  • Reduce the hair loss
  • Thicken the thin and weak hair
  • Re-grow hair in the areas where follicles are still alive
  • Improve the scalp condition
  • Improve the texture of the hair NLT is a completely safe treatment with no side effects and can be used as a solo treatment to retain and preserve the existing hair.

NLT can also be utilised as a combination with Growth Factor Therapy (GFT) and Neo Follicle transplant (NFT) for better results.

Hair loss is a common problem in many men and women. Most people complain of having thinner hair than they used to have. Moreover, pattern balding is prominent in most people.

At Derma Solutions, we employ cutting-edge technologies and treatments for hair loss. We excel in a state-of-the-art technique called Neo Laser Therapy, a US FDA-approved hair treatment method. In this procedure, a cold beam of the laser at a low frequency is applied to the subject area to stimulate weak hair follicles.

As this method has a low frequency of radiation, all the energy gets dissipated in the form of light, and no heat gets generated. Therefore, the technique is entirely safe for hair loss in Bangalore. It is also painless and, in return, enhances hair growth considerably. Also, NLT improves the scalp condition and helps hair regress in areas where the follicles are still active. Our doctors also utilize Neo Follicle transplant (NFT) and Growth Factor Therapy (GFT), depending on the extent of the balding.

Our team comprises the best dermatologist and trichologists with comprehensive knowledge due to vast experience. The highly qualified and skilled surgeons conduct all the clinical procedures with utmost accuracy and precision. The medical staff members at our clinics and laboratories are well-trained to provide the perfect solutions.

We are one of the best clinics in Bangalore concerning hair treatments. Our equipment and technologies provide assured results, and many men and women have benefitted from our solutions. We offer the best services in trichology and dermatology due to the use of advanced technologies like NLT, NFT, and GFT.

Hence, you can contact us for trusted medical solutions for hair thinning, balding, or hair loss. Our clients are very satisfied with our services and had their confidence restored because of our hair restoration treatments.