Acne Scar treatment in Bangalore

At DERMASOLUTIONS CLINIC, we use USFDA CO2 FRAXEL laser device for treating variety of scars including acne scars, trauma or accident and burn scars etc. Initially after proper consultation with Dr Sandeep scars are assessed in terms of thickness, severity and duration. CO2 LASER targets the water as chromophore and at 10.064 nm, the laser beams goes deep inside the skin without much damaging the epidermal surface and starts heating the collagen deep inside the dermis. Within a month neo- collagenosis happens and scars start remodelling.

Parameters depends upon the experience of treating scars and also depending upon the skin type of the person who is getting the treatment done. Accordingly number of sessions and interval between sessions is determined and

subsequently the sessions are done under strict measures of hygiene. 5-7 days is the healing time post laser and in the meantime redness followed by brownish black scabbing will be there. Downtime is little more in case of C02 LASER. FRAXEL FACIAL REJUVENATION is also used to treat mild scars and also for rejuvenation and glow. .

Strictly post procedure instructions should be followed by patients like photoprotection, application of healing creams and moisturisers and no friction on the treated area like facials etc. .

Alongwith lasers even other cosmetic procedures like Q switch laser, chemical peels, and other products for best possible outcome. We customise scar treatment for every client separately to fetch best results..

Scars may not be a pleasant mark to own in one’s body, especially if visible to others. One may attain scars from accidents, trauma, burns, or even acne. Many people in Bangalore want to eliminate these unpleasant marks but wonder about this process and how much pain they would have to tolerate.

At Derma Solutions, our expert dermatologist Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra assesses the scar and checks its severity and thickness. Based on the initial session, the doctor informs regarding the duration to eliminate the marks. Our scar removal treatment utilizes a CO2 laser penetrating the collagen layer deep under the skin. The radiation does not cause damage to the epidermis but heats the collagen, resulting in scar remodelling within around a month.

Our experienced and skilled dermatologists accurately carry out this clinical procedure. Furthermore, they guide the hygiene regulations after a scar removal treatment that has to be followed. After the session, one can develop redness and browning of skin for a week. Thus, medicated ointments and protection from sunlight are essential for faster healing.

If you want to remove your scars and are looking for the best dermatological clinic in Bangalore, you can contact us.