When it comes to enhancing your beauty and regaining your confidence, choosing the right plastic surgeon is paramount. In the bustling city of Bangalore, Dr. Thyagaraj stands out as a renowned expert in the field of plastic surgery. With an impressive educational background and a wide range of expertise, Dr. Thyagaraj is your trusted partner in achieving the transformation you desire.

Educational Qualifications That Set Him Apart

Dr. Thyagaraj’s journey towards becoming the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore began with a strong foundation in medical education:

  • MBBS from RGUHS, Bengaluru (Completed in April 2001): Dr. Thyagaraj’s educational journey started with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) in Bengaluru.
  • M.S. in General Surgery from RGUHS, Bengaluru (Completed in April 2006): Building upon his MBBS degree, Dr. Thyagaraj pursued a Master of Surgery (M.S.) in General Surgery, further honing his surgical skills.
  • MCh. in Plastic Surgery from RGUHS, Bengaluru (Completed in July 2014): Dr. Thyagaraj’s dedication to plastic surgery led him to obtain a Master of Chirurgiae (MCh.) degree in Plastic Surgery, solidifying his expertise in the field.
  • Masters in Reconstructive Breast Surgery from Reconstructive Microsurgery European School, University Autonama de Barcelona (Completed in June 2019): Staying at the forefront of innovation, Dr. Thyagaraj pursued specialized training in reconstructive breast surgery from the esteemed Reconstructive Microsurgery European School.

Global Clinical Training for Excellence to Become Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore

To offer the highest standard of care, Dr. Thyagaraj has not only invested in education but also enriched his knowledge through extensive clinical training:

  • Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction (Brussels University Hospital, Belgium): Dr. Thyagaraj received specialized training in oncoplastic breast reconstruction, a vital aspect of breast surgery.
  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery (Clinique Pyramids Zürich, Switzerland): His commitment to aesthetics led him to Switzerland for training in aesthetic breast surgery.
  • Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction (Brussels University Hospital, Belgium): Mastery in implant-based breast reconstruction ensures his patients have a wide range of options.
  • Autologous Breast Reconstruction (Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona, Spain): Expertise in autologous breast reconstruction allows for tailored solutions.
  • Hair Transplantation (Medispa Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Jaipur, India): Dr. Thyagaraj’s training in both FUT and FUE methods showcases his versatility.
  • Microvascular Surgery (Ganga Microsurgery Training Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India): Precise skills in microvascular surgery make a difference in complex cases.
  • Lymphatic Surgery (Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona, Spain): His training in lymphatic surgery reflects his commitment to holistic patient care.
  • Diploma in Laparoscopy (Indian Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery, Coimbatore, India): Dr. Thyagaraj’s laparoscopic skills expand his surgical repertoire.
  • Fellow of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endosurgeons: Recognition as a fellow demonstrates his expertise in gastrointestinal surgery.

A Multifaceted Expertise to Cater to Your Needs

Dr. Thyagaraj’s proficiency extends across a spectrum of plastic surgery procedures:

  • Breast Procedures: From augmentation to reconstruction, Dr. Thyagaraj specializes in creating beautiful and natural-looking results.
  • Body Sculpting: Sculpt your body with procedures like liposuction, abdominoplasty, and body contouring.
  • Facial Enhancement: Refine your facial features through rhinoplasty and scar revision.
  • Genital Rejuvenation: Enhance your confidence with expert genital rejuvenation surgeries.
  • Complex Reconstructions: Dr. Thyagaraj excels in microvascular reconstruction, nerve transfers, muscle transfers, and correction of congenital anomalies.
  • Hair Restoration: Say goodbye to hair loss with advanced hair transplantation techniques.
  • Burn Deformity Correction: Restore your appearance and function with post-burn deformity correction.

Unlock your confidence and achieve your desired transformation with the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore, Dr. Thyagaraj. His exceptional education, global training, and extensive expertise make him the ideal choice for your cosmetic and reconstructive needs.