Many people in today’s generation are more health-conscious than before. The people throughout the nation, including in Bangalore, go to gyms and do yoga to maintain a perfect figure. However, the fat already deposited on various body parts takes the longest time to leave. Thus, many people opt for liposuction for the clinical removal of fat. The term comes from lipids implying fats, and suction refers to the removal of the excess content.

At Derma Solutions, we conduct an advanced method of removing extra fat from the body called laser liposuction. It is an effective technique to contour one’s body according to their preferences. Furthermore, there is no pain associated with this method, making it highly convenient for the clients. In addition, it involves fewer invasions than conventional liposuction, so many people prefer the laser treatment over the traditional one.

Laser liposuction involves melting fat beneath the skin using minimal invasion. The heat energy from the radiation results in the melting or breakdown of fat. So this method is also called laser lipolysis, as -lysis means the breakdown of something. Our best liposuction surgeon carries out this procedure with utmost precision. First, the surgeon makes a tiny incision on the skin through which the laser is focused on the subject area. Then, the doctor inserts a thin tube, medically known as a cannula, to remove the fat from your body.

In addition to being painless, this technique does not need much downtime, especially if the subject area is relatively smaller. Also, due to the less-invasive nature, there are minimal scars or wounds. The healing period is also much lesser compared to conventional liposuction and takes as less as two or at most up to ten days to heal.

There are some prerequisite considerations for this treatment. The best liposuction surgeon at our clinic guides our clients entirely regarding these regulations. For instance, the person may have to discontinue specific medication and quit smoking for the treatment period.

Hence, you can contact us for the best liposuction treatment through laser therapy in Bangalore. We are one of the leading dermatological clinics near you, with professional and qualified doctors.

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Patients Testimonials

Rita Tandon

Hello, I’m Rita Tandon, a resident of Bangalore, and I recently underwent a liposuction procedure at Derma Solutions. Upon entering the clinic, I felt comfortable and well taken care of. The skilled team, led by their expert doctor, ensured that I had a smooth and positive experience throughout the process. Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra, exhibited exceptional professionalism and expertise during the entire liposuction procedure. The results were outstanding! I am thrilled with the transformation of my body contours and the enhanced confidence it has given me. I highly recommend Derma Solutions for anyone considering liposuction in Bangalore.