Laser Tattoo Removal: Easy And Safe Way To Get Rid of Unwanted Memories in Bengaluru

“I wish I never had gotten this tattoo!”- This is a statement that you say or many people more than often utter in regret. Nearly 25% of all those who decide to get a permanent tattoo are not happy with it when asked later. Other reasons might be a change in their tattoo style, painful reminders of the past or just pure embarrassment.

Do not worry! Now, there is a solution for removing your tattoos permanently in Bengaluru.

Laser tattoo removal might just be for you and we at Derma Solutions are here to help you with that! Laser tattoo removal is the most harmless and effective procedure through which it is possible to remove any tattoos permanently.


How Exactly Does Laser Tattoo Removal Erase Your Tattoos?


Depending on the size of your tattoo, treatment may be very fast or quite lengthy. If the tattoo is large, then our expert derma specialists will topically numb the area with anaesthetic instead. This tattoo removal is a safe procedure performed by using a high quality Q-Switched Laser. It offers multiple wavelengths to choose from, which pass on to your skin for specific ink in your tattoos.


Here’s the Way Laser Tattoo Removal Works:


  1. The light pulses are absorbed selectively by the ink particles of your tattoo only. So, other areas of skin surrounding it are not affected.
  2. Due to the heat, the ink particles shatter into minute fragments causing your tattoos to fade.
  3. Even though your tattoo doesn’t fade that quickly, multiple such laser sessions are essential to make your skin completely free of the ink.


What are the Precautions to Take Before and After Your Laser Tattoo Removal?


As your skin undergoes laser treatment, it is very necessary for you to follow a proper skincare routine given by your derma laser specialists for proper skin preparation or healing.


Before Your Tattoo Removal:

  • It is essential to protect the skin around the tattoo from the sun, that is, to avoid tanning. Always wear an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen before tattoo removal.
  • Remove all makeup, creams & oils prior to treatment.


After Your Tattoo Removal :

  • Topical steroid based ointments are usually recommended post procedure for proper wound healing.
  • Cleanse the treated area at least daily with water and mild soap, and then pat dry.
  • Discomfort may be relieved by using cool gel packs


Erase Your Unwanted Tattoo by Expert Laser Tattoo Removal in Bengaluru


For safe laser tattoo removal in Bengaluru, Derma Solutions provides secure removal with negligible side effects and almost no risk of scarring. Our state-of-the-art technology in Bengaluru, which enables you to get your tattoo removed efficiently with the least inconvenience or pain. But, a couple of sessions are needed for a complete procedure. These sessions depend on the age of the tattoo, the colour of the ink, and the type of pigment in the ink. Usually, darker inks are easier to fade, while lighter inks such as greens, fluorescents, and yellows are harder to remove.

We mainly specialize in removing blue, black, green colours in the tattoo due to different wavelengths of laser light which are attracted to different colours of tattoo ink.

Looking for easy tattoo removal for your tattoos? Turn to Derma Solutions! We are one of the leading clinics in Bengaluru, whose skilled specialists will guide you further after viewing the tattoo area. Hence, if you wish to remove your permanent tattoos in Bengaluru, don’t hesitate to consult us for the best and most effective solutions!