What is PRP for Skin Treatment? Is it Permanent? How do you Maintain it?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a facial treatment to make your skin Glow and Shine. As per skin care experts the effect of PRP skin treatment lasts up to 2 years. This treatment does not have any side effects; it is a safe and best treatment for skin.

How Does PRP Treatment for Skin is Done ?

  1. Firstly, patients’ own blood is taken from the body which depends upon the area to be treated .
  2. After the blood is taken it is purified through a centrifuge machine and the platelet rich plasma is extracted from that purified blood.
  3. After the PRP is extracted from the blood, it is injected into the targeted skin area of the patient.
  4. After the Treatment is done within the period of a few weeks you can start seeing the visible results.
  5. It can take around 4 to 6 weeks to heal your skin after treatment.

What should you do to maintain the results of PRP skin treatment?

High Intensity cardio Exercise :

High intensity cardio exercise helps to produce more red blood cells in your body. It helps you to get more PRP from the increased blood cells.

Put green leafy vegetables in your diet :

Eat green leafy vegetables regularly. It helps you to improve your immunity and control cholesterol which gives better blood circulation in your body.

Don’t Smoke, Drink or Drugs :

Smoking and Drinking affects your skin badly. It will create toxic substances in your body which reduces the natural elements that keep your skin well. It can make your skin dry and rough.

Increase the intake of B- vitamins :

Vitamins B helps to keep your skin healthier. From B1,B2 to B12 every vitamin has its own benefits for your skin. It helps in regeneration of the collagen and prevents wrinkles. Increase the intake of Vitamin B rich food by having green leafy vegetables, Peas, animal based food in your diet.

Follow your Post Procedure Routine :

After Getting PRP treatment, follow the checkup routine guide by the doctor regularly. If you come across any problem after getting treatment visit the clinic immediately and follow all the precautions told by the doctor to get best results.

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